We are a Humanity Centered Experience Design Agency
Think With the Box
Brand & Identity
A transparent narrative behind any service or product is fundamental to user trust and success. Brand and Identity helps communicate our client's stories.
A Charity organization, with a new sponsorship package redesign and information architecture.
Strategy & Research
Design Strategy harmonizes corporate strategy and design thinking. Design Strategy to help firms determine what, why, and how to innovate immediately and over time.
A UI and brand strategy pilot project for developing a provincial government tax and business auditing platform.
Product & Services
We grasp the need of clients and users to design products seamlessly. These products can range from digital platforms, experiences and systems.
A UX/UI redesign and systems audit of CPOS’s Client and Employee sales CRM work flow.
Our Process
Design Thinking Process
Iterative Design Process
We are humanity driven thinkers.
Humans are connected in the way they communicate, express and desire for their specific needs. Humans are also simple in how they need to connect, share and grow. These nuances are important to understand as surrounding things and spaces impact peoples' everyday lives.
We bring out the story in every Individual.
Our existence forms our lives' moments told through personal narratives and curated for our perceived interactions. We live through these cycles every day to find our identities. The story is the experience we receive and feel, and the duration of that experience is the interaction.
We strive to Innovate for the future.
Everything around us is rapidly changing as time passes by. We design with the intent to foresee what problems lie ahead of us. Every design decision that we make comes from bringing lasting experience to your personal growth.
About Us
Welcome to Liminal box. We are a Design Consultancy consisting of Canadian design professionals, bringing you collective solutions for a humanity forward world. While things seemed to be at a stand-still, a worldwide lockdown served as the perfect time for developing, refining and executing everything we had learned. We felt the power of teamwork, and with knowledge gained from years of collaboration, we used the momentum of our thesis year to launch boldly into an exciting and uncertain future.    

The foundation of our design evolves through understanding empathy, storytelling, and truth. This base gives us a closer relationship with the clients to grow effortlessly within their business. We strive to stabilize your growing future and to produce collective solutions for a humanity forward world. When coming up with solutions, we have also recognized that we can’t always think outside the box for an answer. The “box,” whether it be the economy or where one is situated, might be a factor that doesn't provide solutions “outside the box.” Therefore, we think "with the box,” "through the box," and "around the box."